Josh and Chalmers Glenn

Our Process

“Individual wealth management is a process that changes with time and circumstance.  Having a financial advisor at your side that can help navigate these changes, we believe it is crucial to the success of every investor.”

Most client relationships begin with a face-to-face educational session, but also can be conducted by phone for prospects living out of state.  During these sessions, we help clients understand their income statement and balance sheet before assessing their risk tolerance and helping in the selection of future investments.

With the gathered information, we will evaluate our clients' financial picture based on their expectations and risk tolerance and develop and implement a customized strategy.  While some of our clients want to hear from us monthly, others want to hear from us quarterly – but all of our clients will hear from us annually.  We will discuss how particular investments or asset classes are performing and adjust our strategy accordingly. 

Client review meetings are also dictated by client expectations, including current and future goals, life changes, and estate planning concerns.  Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to schedule a one-on-one appointment.  We will have as many consultations as necessary to make you comfortable with us and our process.